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There are four types of roller shutter operation. Each mechanism has impact on the measurements of the implimentation, as does the height of the installation impact on the dimensions of the Overhead Box. The descriptions below detail the limitations within which each operation type can be installed. The measurement tab on each operation details the specific clearance and Overhead box sizes. These dimensions serve as a guideline only.

Push-up Operation
Push-up operation is also known as self coiling or hand operation. The weight of the curtain is counter balanced by the self coiling action of the spring loaded barrel. The door is lifted open by using handles fitted to the bottom rail or T-Section. This type of operation is suitable for relatively small openings, not exceeding 7m² or approximately 3000mm wide x 2500mm high.

Chain Operation

Chain operation is suitable for roller shutters between 8m2 and 36m2. These are operated mechanically by an endless chain through a spur reduction gear fitted to the spring loaded barrel.

Crank Operation

A manually operated reduction gearbox can be installed in place of the endless chain. A bevel gear type cast iron gearbox operated by a crank handle is used on most applications. Larger roller shutter doors may require proprietary worm reduction gearboxes. Generally, the cast iron type of gearbox is applied to doors not exceeding 25m2  in area. Crank operation can also be specified instead of chain or push-up operation should the user so prefer.

Electrical Operation

Electric operation is recommended for large doors in frequent operation, although it can be specified for any size door. Various operations include standard push button starter, key switch control, limit switch, remote control, and if required, an electro-magnetic brake. The unit is fitted with an emergency hand operator for use in the event of a power failure (excluding unsprung Roller Shutter Doors). Many additional features can be supplied.
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