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This is the steel or aluminium screen itself, and is an integral part of the roller shutter. Curtains are available in different styles, designs, finishes and thickness  of material.
These are formed from a channel section and are mounted vertically on either side of the door opening, forming a guide channel in which the curtain rolls up and down.  The guides are usually made of mild steel or aluminium, and are available in different thicknesses and dephs according to the requirements of the size of the roller shutter door.   
Bottom Rail (T-Section)
The bottom edge of the curtain is fitted with an aluminium T-section.  Mild Steel T-sections are also available.
End Locks
Nylon and malleable iron end locks are fitted on every alternate slat on either side of the roller shutter curtain.  The purpose of end locks are as follows: 
To prevent lateral movement of slats, which is a major cause of shutters jamming.
To ensure silent and smooth operation.
To prevent having to use grease or any other lubricant in the guides.
To extend the life of the slats by preventing friction in the guides.  
*Note: End locks are not applicable to Grille Products.*
Wind Locks
These are fitted at certain intervals in conjunction with end locks to prevent the curtain from bowing out the guides under extreme wind load conditions. 
End Plates
Endplates are fabricated steel brackets, tailored to suit brick, concrete or steel columns.  They support the spring balanced shaft at each end.  They also provide the fixing points to support the canopy. 
Barrel Assembly
The barrel assembly consists of structural steel pipe of sufficient diameter and thickness to carry the load of the curtain.  The springs are helically wound torsion springs of high quality tempered wire of a particular and length to provide a perfect counter balance for ease of operation. 
A Canopy is constructed of 0.8mm (up to 5000 mm long) and 1.0 mm (over 5000 mm long) galvanised mild steel in continuous length of up to 6000mm long.  It is formed to fit the contours of the end plates and flanged for rigidity. It is not always necessary to fit a canopy cover. 



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