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Roller shutter doors consist of a curtain of interlocking slats that form a continuous hinge along its entire length. This construction allows the curtain (shutter) to roll up or down from a revolving spring loaded shaft barrel mounted onto steel support brackets. A bottom rail or T-Section strengthens the curtain and allows for the fitment of handles and locking devices. The curtain is prevented from moving sideways by channel guides and endlocks. The entire assembly is either bolted or welded to the building structure and the rolling mechanism is enclosed in a canopy hood.

A Typical Roller Shutter Door

01. End Plates
02. Canopy cover (optional)
03. Barrel assembly
04. Helical coil springs (external)
05. Spur gear wheel
06. Chain wheel
07. Chain locking keep
08. Hand chain
09. Channel guide
10. Fixing lugs
11. T-bar (Bottom rail)
12. Curtain

Roller shutter doors are widely used in the building industry, from simple applications such as counter closures to heavy duty electrically operated aircraft hanger doors.


  • Most effective use of space
  • Allow the most effective use of space
  • Permit optimum use of the opening
  • Custom manufactured to meet the specific requirements
  • Practically effortless to operate due to the built-in counter balancing mechanism in every door
  • Provides a secure closure of considerable strength
  • Durability, corrosion resistance and proven reliability
  • Economical to install and maintain
  • Provide access control solutions
  • Satisfy security needs as well as visibility and/or ventilation if required


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