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Whether it's a large-scale infrastructural project or a single shopfront or domestic door, meticulous planning is essential. Remember that each of our doors is uniquely specified and custom-manufactured to meet the client's requirements, so even if the door comes at the tail-end of a project, it's important to get us on board from the beginning so we can assist with the design and planning.


It's not so much a case of "things will never go wrong", what's more important is "what can be done about it when they do". Whether you're locked out, or unable to close, our extensive national footprint means that our trained and accredited technicians are a just phone call away, 24-7. To make it even simpler, there's just one number to remember, 0860 ROLLUP (765587), and your call will be routed to the nearest team. Various Emergency Response packages are also available, with service levels designed to cater for your specific requirements.


Our doors operate so effortlessly, it's easy to forget they're there, but even the smoothest-running doors need occasional care and attention. Our preventative Maintenance & Service contracts are essential - whether for a single door or multiple sites, spread across the country. Our M&S consultants assess each unique situation and will design a maintenance plan to fit - including the components and frequency of required maintenance for each individual door. We then manage the entire process, advising clients when we're due for a visit and reporting back on the results of the service call. 

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