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Wicket Access Door

A wicket access door can be fitted to most roller shutter doors. These are used for personnel access or as an emergency escape route. The standard dimensions are 685 mm wide x 1830 mm high, opens inward and is located on the left or right hand side. 

All Weather D-Astragel
A flexible neoprene weather strip attached to the bottom of the T-Section which provides contact with the floor to compensate for irregularities and to prevent penetration of water.

Grille Partitions

Roller shutter doors can be fitted with grille sections situated at any desired position in the door curtain to provide ventilation or a see-through facility. Other see-through options from the Roll-Up Serranda range can also be configured into the roller shutter on request.

Sloping T-bar
Graded ground or sloping floor contours can be matched by a sloping T-Section to ensure full closure of the opening.


Guide Locks

Guide locks are a popular means of adding to the security of roller shutters:
  • Cannot be violated with bolt-cutters
  • Installed at convenient height - not ground-level
  • Ordered at initiation, or can add-to or replace existing locking systems

Slide Bolts

Slide Bolts are situated on either side of the T-Section and slide into slots provided, in the two channel guides that can be padlocked for extra security. Slide Bolts Covers are an optional extra. 


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